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Why choose us?

We at Leona Bright Cleaning Services Ltd are focused on providing cleaning solutions to the highest level of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet client expectations.

We have a set of aims that form the core of our practice which are set out below.

  • Our goal is to be the cleaning service of choice in the Local Area.
  • To provide a personal and professional service, no matter how big or small the job, delivered to a high standard.
  • All cleaners are trained in-house and are experienced with an emphasis on being trustworthy, respectful and reliable.
  • Happy cleaners love to clean, and clean well, which makes happy clients; so we look after the cleaners that join our team to make sure our service is the best it can be.
  • Providing a varied and flexible cleaning menu, both domestic and commercial, with clear and competitive rates; we have no hidden charges and believe our charges both represent the quality of our cleaners whilst remaining competitively within a realistic budget.

For more information and a quotation then please email or complete the contact form

Refreshing Attitude

We believe that cleaning is not only a valuable service for both Domestic and Commercial clients it is also a satisfying vocation for those who love to clean!

We feel that it is important to grow client-cleaner relationships to ensure the best service possible.

We provide training for our cleaners to prepare them for the role and to ensure best practice.

"We love cleaning as much as you love your home or business"

Leona Bright Cleaning Services has both Employee Liability and Public Liability Insurance

We surprisingly DO NOT rely on the word of a DBS/CRB check as a measure for reliability or honesty of our cleaners, and instead get to known each other personally and through word of mouth and reputations. Trust we feel is something felt and earned not just assumed.

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