Leona Bright Cleaning Services Ltd 

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Customer Testimonials

I love coming home to my house after they have been. Its Immaculate! Can't fault their service. Makes my life much easier (I am disabled) as its something I can no longer do myself. makes me feel human having a lovely clean house. Thanks Guys!

JB - Client  - Feedback Online May 2019

Always turn up and always finish on Time! Any issues were dealt with promptly and with a solution. 

AF - Client Survey - May 2019

Clients who have left our services for whatever reason are given the option of completing a small survey online, as feedback is essential, and we can uncover knowledge regarding our strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly treat every day as day to grow and learn. We also have 6 monthly client reviews where once again we encourage our active clients to complete a simple survey enabling us to connect, compare our progress, check for issues and ultimately make sure we are doing our best always and not becoming complacent with the regularity.